Bestselling Ironstein immunity booster for children

Your immune system is your friend, it protects your body from infection.

Ironstein immunity booster

Immune system creates & distribute the white blood cells that fight all the time with bacteria & viruses that enter your body, especially when cold and flu & make us safe.

Is covering mouth by Mask protects?

Also Coughing ,sneezing our even talking someone who has the flu can make you sick when droplets gets into the air & they may put into the trouble.

Precautions : If you’re healthy and suspect around you are sick stand atleast 4 feet away.

Also, since bacteria & viruses can live on hard surfaces like doorknobs for hours, wash hands frequently, and keep them away from your face.

There are some supplement for children to boost their immune system, they are as follows.

Ironstein immunity booster for children contains iron, vitamins, & folates for boosting immunity & improving brain performance.

This immunity booster comes with unique sugar free melt in mouth format.

Benefits :

It has juicy mango flavor for kids to a fun filled nutrition.

It is TUV tested & produce in a GMV tested facility, which makes it more reliable.

Ironstein Enhances immunity, increases energy, improves brain performance.

Ironstein maintains ferritin levels and providing the required nutrients for oxygen rich RBC.

Ingredients – Ferrous bisglycinate (elemental iron), Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6, Folate B9. Directions for Usage – Place 1 IRONSTEIN on tongue, allow it to melt and enjoy the flavor. Storage Instructions – Store in a cool and dry place and always keep the cap closed.

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