Class 10 CBSE Preparation by BYJU’S

BYJU’S Learning is become the most loved and preferred educational tool for students.

Effective learning program for students with high quality ,highly adaptive, highly effective & highly engagging program for students.

BYJU’S educationnal kit highly engaging platform for students who appear in CBSE class 10th.

This product consist of most recent syllabus with video lectures.

This kit is quite easy to understand to students.

BYJU’S program can help students to focus on every points, concepts.

Very easy & clear understanding to improve their grades & students upgrades their rank easily.

Also this kit helps students to learn complex concepts in very easy format where interactions via videos.

BYJU’S kit has customized practice test that can improve learning ability to the students & help to improve their grades.

Also this BYJU’S kit gives an in depth analysis of students strength and weakness which is more reliable.


  • Engaging Videos.
  • High Quality Animation .
  • Chapterwise test .
  • Complex concepts in easy way .
  • Personalise journey .
  • Analysis & update of real time progress.
  • in depth solutions, feedback & recommendations.
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