Battery drainage In Iphone: After the iOS 15.4 upgrade

After the iPhone iOS 15.4 upgrade, users reported that the battery was draining very fast, which maybe because of this.

Recently, in the Iphone iOS 15.4 heavy update released by Apple this week, Apple has introduced many functions including Face ID that supports masks.

If you want to know the full function, you can refer to the previous articles published on this site. No accident, but what should come will still come. In just one week after the release of Apple iOS 15.4, more and more users have reported that iOS 15.4 has serious power consumption problems.

Every time Apple releases an iOS update, iPhone users start complaining about battery life issues. It just looks like iOS 15.4 is no exception, as Twitter is full of complaints about heavy battery drain. As the Daily Mail points out, battery drain is usually not permanent.

In fact, this is not the first time that such a serious power consumption situation has appeared. It has appeared as early as 2020, and there was a popular saying that your iPhone has been using abnormal power recently?

At the time, ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes explained it this way: “Installing a new operating system on an iPhone triggers a lot of things in the background, from indexing to recalibrating the battery, which can last for hours or even days.

Not only does this drain the power, and battery recalibration gives the impression that the battery is draining faster, and the iPhone takes days to recalibrate before you start panicking. Chances are your battery life will return to normal soon. Of course, it depends Depending on how old your phone is, your battery may have started to degrade.”

So this time iOS 15.4 is not unexpected, I just hope Apple can solve it properly.

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