Airtel 4G Hot-spot – Portable Wi-Fi Data Device

Airtel 4G hot-spot Device is compatible with both prepaid & postpaid Airtel SIM with unique features.

Airtel 4G hot-spot

This device comes with true power of 4G speed on all Wi-Fi enabled devices, even if non 4G devices.

Airtel 4G hot-spot supports all devices such as laptops, desktops, mobiles, smartphones , TVs, Tablet & more.

This device connects upto 10 devices at a time, so you can create your own network & creat small network.

Airtel 4G hot-spot has No installation required. Just get a new Airtel 4G SIM ,insert it & surf internet.

It is Easy to connect. Simply switch on the Airtel 4G Hotspot & connection generated.

This device battery capacity is 6 hours long lasting, powerful battery(Lithium lion) backup.

Battery charged in 2 hours. Then available to use.

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Standby mode for 7 days, this makes it reliable.

Average Battery life is 1 year (in hours).

Airtel 4G hot-spot can be use at Home, at Work or Anywhere (on the go).

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